Poland Dedicated Servers

Enjoy performance and speed with our state-of-the-art dedicated servers!
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PL-XEON-SAT-1-32PL-XEON-SAT-1-32 Dedicated ServerIntel Xeon D-1520 4c/8t - 2.2GHz /2.6GHz32 GB DDR44x2 TB SATA3
$ 63.00

+ $ 25.00 Setup Fee

$ 704.00

+ $ 25.00 Setup Fee

1 Free IP Address1 Gbit Full Dublex PortUnlimited Traffic250 Mbit Internet AccessDelivery within 12 hoursSoftware Raid 0/1RDNS ManagementReboot via Panel

Common Features


The servers use state-of-the-art hardware. Our team provides 24/7 support for any hardware failure that may be experienced and the defective hardware is replaced as soon as possible.


As we work with high quality data centers, we provide high-speed internet access. The internet access of the servers is monitored 24/7 by our team.


All network and energy systems used in our infrastructure are redundant. All data centers we work with are connected to more than one internet access line.


We follow and use new technologies. We constantly update the hardware and software we use to adapt to new technologies.


Servers are delivered within 24 hours after your payment is confirmed, according to stock status. Stock status is automatically monitored by our automation system.


Servers are protected by advanced security tools. Thanks to our advanced security systems, we can stand against any kind of attack.


Since we have been working with the same data centers for many years, we can offer the best price guarantee to our valued customers.


Our support team is available 24/7. Incoming support requests are monitored 7/24 and we offer the fastest solution.

Advanced Management Panel

Managing your servers is now easy! Thanks to our advanced server management panel, you can easily perform many operation related to your servers.


Our Poland location servers are hosted in the OVH Poland data center, one of the world's best data centers. It provides 24/7 uninterrupted service with its advanced energy infrastructure, high speed internet access and state-of-the-art equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to all the questions in your mind in this section.
  • What types of content are prohibited on servers ?
    It is strictly forbidden to host or use content such as camfrog, IRC chat systems, mass e-mail systems, Spam, PHISHING. Any public VPN or Proxy service is prohibited.
  • Which data center do you work with?
    Please click here to review the data centers we work with.
  • What is a Dedicated Server?
    A dedicated server is a type of remote server (one that is not located on your premises) that is exclusively dedicated to a single individual, organization or application. It is usually deployed, hosted and managed by a hosting, cloud or managed service provider. It is not shared with any other customers, services or applications unless multiple servers exist within that infrastructure. Typically, a dedicated server is rented on a monthly basis and provides a stated amount of memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth to a client as this typically saves router, internet connection, security system, and network administration costs.
  • What is Dedicated Server Rental?
    Dedicated Server Leasing is a physical server leasing service where all the resources of a high performance physical server are allocated for monthly or annual periods. Since all resources are allocated to you, you can install the operating system you want and quickly host the application you want.
  • When is the Dedicated Server Delivered?
    Dedicated Server installation is carried out by ALTINSOFT system engineers within the hardware and features you want. Your server will be accessible in about 12 hours.
  • What is the minimal billing period?
    One month. We also offer billing periods of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. If you require a different billing cycle — for example, 2 or 5 months — you will have to contact the sales department to review your case.
  • What is RAID ?
    RAID is a technology that allows you to combine the storage drives into a single array, which helps to prevent data loss if one of the drives gets broken.

    RAID comes in various kinds:

    • RAID 0, used to combine two or more drives in a single array. More common in personal data storage, rarely used in business due to instabilities and proneness to failure.

    • RAID 1, a.k.a. mirroring. The second drive becomes a carbon copy of the first one. If any of them fails, all the data can still be restored from the other one.

    • RAID 10 (or RAID 0+1) is a combination of two RAID 0 arrays into a RAID 1 array. You basically get a combined array of two drives, as well as its backup copy.

General Description

Dedicated Servers are reserved exclusively for a single person or company. Data of another company or person are not hosted on these servers. The disk space, RAM and processor of the server are reserved for only one person or company. It is more ideal for companies with a high volume of website traffic, having a lot of data and images on the website, do not want their data to be on shared servers, or with high business capacity and volume. Because they have a separate server for them, they can change the requirements of this server as they wish and use the server completely for themselves. At the same time, they can get higher performance. When you own a Dedicated Server, you own all the storage space of the server. In this way, you will not have any problems regarding storage and accommodation. The hosting space of the server you choose will be entirely yours. You can use the storage space of your non-shared server as you choose. Shared servers can offer a certain traffic area to website owners in case of high website traffic. Therefore, slowdowns in the website or short-term downtime of the website may occur. Therefore, you may need to get physical server rental service. Dedicated Server are more suitable for sites with high traffic. Because their capacity is higher and the performance of the server does not decrease because it is used by only one company. As shared servers work more stable and stable, they offer a better solution in terms of performance. When looking at the issue of data security, Dedicated Servers offer a more secure solution for companies. If you do not want your internet service provider to do your management, the server's user name and password will not be available to anyone other than you. In this way, your system will become more reliable by preventing external access. The disadvantages of Dedicated Servers are that you need to know about server management, as the server will be dedicated to your company. With server management, you need to install the software, applications and programs you need yourself and manage your server. However, if you wish, you can leave the management of your server to your internet service provider. However, the company you work for may charge you an additional fee for this management service it provides. Another disadvantage is that these servers have a slightly higher cost compared to shared servers, as they offer more comprehensive solutions in terms of processor, bandwidth, RAM and storage space. As AltınSoft, we offer you many different alternatives for server leasing. If you want to get more detailed information about our services and examine the features of our servers, you can check our Dedicated Servers page.